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Martial Arts

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World Class Martial Arts Books

There is no better way than to learn from the true masters of the sport, with our world class books you will not only learn how to apply the techniques, this great masters and champions will show you how effective this techniques are in real situations...
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 The Canon of Judo
This revered work is back in print after almost 30 years. Originally published in 1960, and revised by Mifune, shortly before his death. This new edition includes all original information as well as the changes the author made to the original edition. In 1920 he was awarded the rank of 10th dan. Called the "god of judo" he became so famous that, in referring to him, the words "10th dan" alone sufficed. Legend has it that in his 60 years of practice, he never lost a match and was never thrown. The Canon of Judo reatures hundreds of rare photographs of Mifune demonstrating the correct methods of bowing, ukemi, kuzushi, warm-up exercises, and how to apply the techniques. This important book is a must-have for all students of judo.
Price:  $26.00

Price:  $17.95
Judo by Russian President Bladimir Putin

This new manual provides an account of the history of judo, dealing with questions of theory and methods of training judoka. The authors' scientifically grounded work is up-to-date, disciplined, and fundamental to the study of judo. The learning material is well illustrated with over 100 drawings, and the analysis of judo techniques, including quantitative characteristics, can be considered a work of scientific research.

Ju No Kata by Keiko Fukuda 9th Dan

At the age of 90, Keiko Fukuda is the highest ranking female judoka in the world. She teaches 3 judo classes a week and is imbued with vitality, passion, and dedication. Fukuda Sensei is the foremost authority on Ju No Kata and is the only person alive today who practiced it with Jigoro Kano, the founder of judo. Ju No Kata is an essential part of Judo to be studied and practiced by all serious students of Judo as well as by lay people interested in learning about Judo and Self Defense. It's study and practice enables a student to grasp the theory and concept of defense and attack, i.e. the science of what it takes to execute throws.
Sale Price:  $16.95
Signed copy: $32.00

Price:  $24
The Fighting Spirit of Judo by Yasuhiro Yamashita

Yasuhiro Yamashita is the most successful judo competitor in history. In this great book he gives a unique insight into the mental attitude and the physical preparation that enabled him to achieve a remarkable record of nine years of consecutive victories. He also offers technical instruction on his favorite techniques, complete with detailed photographs.

The A-Z of Judo

This book presents every technique of judo which has a formal Japanese name - standing and groundwork. Included are historical techniques some of which are now considered illegal by the IJF. By its very nature, The A-Z of Judo is of use and interest to the beginner and the advanced judoka alike.

Price:  $26

Price:  $26
Attacking Judo by Kashiwazaki and Nakanishi

World champions are focus in attacking ,throwing and ground work, Katsuhihiko Kashiwazaki and Kidetoshi Nakanishi in their special collaboration presents the
"Attacking Judo", a book featuring simple line drawings rather than long, complex explanations. The main techniques of judo are placed in a context of combinations and counters. Available training aid to all practicing judokas.

Judo Techniques & Tactics

Jimmy Pedro is one of the US's most decorated judoka. World Champion and Olympic Medalist, for the first time on this book he demonstrates all the basics from getting started through to competitive conditioning. Chapters include: Roots of Judo, Language and Customs of Judo, Falls and Rolls, Stances and Grips, Throws, Holds and Pins, Chokes and Joint Locks, Counters and Combinations, Competition and Conditioning. 183 page book is full of clear, concise photographs
Price:  $16.95

Price:  $23.95
The Judo Strategies

Judo Strategies book is about putting it all together, how to get good at it and how to win. It also looks at some of the wider or deeper facets of the art such as Zen and Strategy: It covers many of the ancient oriental ideas that underpin
the true practice of judo. Contents include 178 lessons, strategies, tactics and psychological advice on judo. A great resource for teachers and any judoka alike.

50 Great Judo Champions
by Simon Hicks and Nicholas Soames

Competition is the cutting edge of judo. The finest men and women judo fighters compete for the highest honors and in doing so push judo forward. This book celebrates these outstanding individuals. Among them are the biographies and plenty of pictures of Yasuhiro Yamashita, David Douillet, Ryoko Tamura, Karen Briggs, Toshihiko Koga, Kosei Inoue and 44 others! 118 pages, 250 photos.
Price:  $32

Price:  $20
The sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes
by Wayland Pulkkinen

The world's first comprehensive judo training book! This is the first in-depth study of the physiology and judo training methods used by world class judoka to achieve peak performance on the tatami. This book is essential for all coaches, athletes and parents who wish to excel in the sport of judo. Includes action judo photography from official IJF photographer, Bob Willingham.

Textbook of Judo by Nagayasu Ogasawara

Over 38 years of judo experience is used in this publication and can be used by beginners and experts-young or old, male and female. It demonstrates all the essential judo techniques, throwing, grappling, choking, escaping, joint locking and combination techniques. Over 1400 photos allow easy to follow action sequences.
Price:  $29

Price:  $24
Best Judo by Isae Iaokuma and Nebuyuki Sato

This book is written by two of Japan's greatest judo instructors. Best Judo can be used by beginners and veterans. Over 1200 photographs explain how to move on the mat, control your opponent, and execute throws, chokes and arm locks.

Kodokan Judo by Jigoro Kano

This perennial classic by Jigoro Kano, the Founder of Judo and the creator of  the Kodokan. This Judo book is the most comprehensive book available and covers everything from the fundamentals to prearranged formal exercises.

Price:  $24

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