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World Class Judo Videos/Dvds

There is no better way than to learn from the true masters of the sport, with our world class videos you will not only learn how to apply the techniques, this great judo champions will show you how effective this techniques are in real competitions...


101 Judo Ippons - III

Nage-No-Kata -44 min

2003 Osaka- Japan World Judo Championships

2 DVD set
Lightweights DVD
Heavyweights DVD
2 VHS Tapes set
Lightweight VHS
Heavyweight VHS

Moscow Grand Prix 2001

Now available in USA, another great production from Fighting Films (UK), this is world class men's judo at its best with highlights from every match. Multiple angles and slow motion replays with commentary by Neil Adams. See all the action from the best fighters in the world include Olympic & World Champions. Winners take
$7,000! This great video is also available in DVD.
Price:  $35.00

Price:  $45.00 each
Parts 1&2:  $85.00
2001 Munich- Germany World Judo Cham. Part 1

In the Men's +100kgs Shinchi Shinohara (JPN) is out to prove he is the top heavyweight in the world, but there's a hungry new young Russian on the block, and his name is Alexander Mikhaline. Can anyone stop the incredible Kosei Inoue (JPN) taking the -100 kgs title? Only Anton Kovacs (HUN) has beaten him recently. Can he do it again? At -90kgs Mark Hizinga (NED) is the favorite but everyone is gunning for him. The -81kgs is packed with stars: The World Champion Graeme Randall (GBR), the European Champion Aleksei Budolin (EST), and former World Champions In-chul Cho (KOR) and Kenzo Nakamura (JPN) go head to head in a superb category.

2001 Munich- Germany World Judo Champ. Part 2

The men's -73kgs features one of the most outstanding finals ever recorded between Yuske Kanamaru (JPN) and Vitali Makarov (RUS). Which of these all out attacking fighters will throw the other? There are upsets galore in the -66kgs, who can pick the winner in this massive category? At -60kgs the Tunisian Anis Lounifi is aiming to become the first African World Judo Champion, but first can he get past the 1999 World finalists, Manolo Poulet (CUB) and the diminutive Kazuhiko Tokuno (JPN)? Following her Olympic victory can the unbelievable Ryoko Tamura (JPN) take the World title for a fifth consecutive time and rewrite the record books?
Price:  $45.00 each
Parts 1&2:  $85.00

Price: $45.00
1999 Birmingham World Judo Championships, Parts I & II

See the spectacular new star Inoue(-100kg), the amazing underdog victory of Graeme Randall(-81kg) and incredible throws by Nicolas Gill, Keith Morgan, James Pedro, Ryoko Tamura, Hidehiko Yoshida. >Running time 3.5 hours.
Part 1 Heavyweights & Part 2 Lightweights.

1997 Paris World Judo Championships, Parts I & II

Two new exciting productions. Part one covers the first two days of the action. Highlights of over 150 fights, more ippons than ever before, multiple camera angles and slow motion analysis of all the major moments, make this fighting films most comprehensive coverage of an event to date.
Price: $45.00

Price: $ 35.00
1995 Tokyo World Judo Championships, Parts I & II

Over 100 minutes of action, this double volume video is another spectacular production from Fighting Films. Witness the heroic comeback of Toshiriko Koga at the under 78 Kg category after the '92 Barcelona Olympics. Rokyo Tamura and much more...

1993 Hamilton World Championships, Parts I & II

With more than 200 minutes of running time, is the most comprehensive coverage of any world championships available on tape. The 1993 Hamilton World Championships was full of excitement like: Tamura's complete domination of her division, the Nakamara brothers' double gold medals, Yoshida's inspirational climb to the final and Ogiwa's shocking defeat. This is truly an account of the World's best judo action that you won't soon forget.
Price: $ 70.00 (Set)

Price:  $ 30.00
1991 Barcelona World Judo Championships

This 50 minute, highly acclaimed video is regarded by many to be the greatest judo video ever produced. The Road to Glory recalls many of the most exciting moments on the 1991 Barcelona World Championships from all categories both men and women. Among the exciting sequences you will see are Ogawa's shocking defeat, the ultimate Kouchi-gari by Okada (the throw of the tournament). Rulz's unbelievable foot sweeps, and Koga's unique wrong-sided seoi-nage.

1989 Belgrade World Judo Championships

Neil Adams provides his expert analysis for 20 matches. In between the matches are actual studio demonstrations by Adams himself. Among the techniques examined are Koga's amazing one-handed seoi-nage, Budukin's dynamic flying juji-gatame, Veritchev's vicious wake-gatame, and Briggs' unstoppable sangaku turnover. 60 minutes
Price:  $ 30.00

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